January 19, 2022
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New Report Reveals a Majority of Consumers are Unaware of Fake Reviews on Amazon

The existence of fake Amazon reviews are unbeknownst to most people who shop on the platform, a new consumer report finds…

There’s ample, empirical evidence of fake reviews being a problem for Amazon. And, it’s not only present, it continues to grow worse. For its part, Amazon is trying to curtail the activity. But, it’s an ongoing struggle to keep pace.

Hence, a new study from CPC Strategy, part of Elite SEM, surveyed 2,001 American consumers who made at least one purchase from the platform in the past six months. 

New Report Finds Most Consumers Unaware of Fake Amazon Reviews

The poll found — not surprisingly — price was the “biggest factor,” in their decision-making. Reviews were also a huge influence on purchasing decisions. Almost 90 percent of consumers reported reading reviews before making a purchase decision.

Here’s where this practice becomes problematic. Of those surveyed, 75 percent stated they “fully” or “somewhat” trusted the reviews.

By contrast, less than 21 percent said they only trust verified purchaser reviews. Moreover, just 4 percent reported not trusting reviews on Amazon, “at all.”

Additionally, those who said they only trusted verified purchaser reviews went down nearly ten points from last year. In the 2018 poll, 30 percent reported not trusting reviews on Amazon, “at all.”

Although Amazon and the FTC continue to police groups selling or soliciting fake reviews, the problem remains. 

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