August 8, 2022
social media demographic usage

New Report Reveals Social Media Demographic Usage

The Q1 2017 Sprout Social Index Report breaks down social media demographic usage and interaction among Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers…

Sprout Social recently conducted a study, consisting of 1,000 participants using social media. The survey included Millennials ages 18 through 34, Gen Xers ages 34 to 54, and Baby Boomers, ages 55 and over. It’s clear from the report social media use is ubiquitous but not all generations engage the same way.

Social Media Demographic Usage Study Shows All Generations Looking for Something

According to the report, Facebook leads in usage among all generations, with Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. Over 60 percent of these two generations prefer the world’s largest social network. And, over 30 percent of Millennials prefer it. 

social media demographic usage chart
Credit: SproutSocial

Somewhat surprisingly, Gen Xers are the demographic who follow brands on social media most, with 48.8 percent. Millennials are a close second of social media brand followers, with 48.6 percent. Baby Boomers trail significantly, with only 24.5 following brands on social platforms.

social media demographic usage chart 2
Credit: SproutSocial

Gen Xers monthly brand interaction are the lead age demographic in this category, with 32 percent. And, 30 percent of Millennials interact with brands at least monthly, while just 14 percent of Baby Boomers do the same.

social media demographic usage chart 3
Credit: SproutSocial

Brand behaviors which cause social users to unfollow are: being unresponsive, annoying, spammy, offensive, and providing bad experience. Being spammy, annoying, and causing bad experience lead all reasons for unfollowing. 

social media demographic usage chart 4
Credit: SproutSocial

Gen Xers also lead other age demographics in being likely to purchase from a brand followed, with 67 percent. Of all Millennials, 60 percent are likely to buy from a brand they follow on social. And, 51 percent of Baby Boomers are likely to make a purchase from brands followed.

social media demographic usage chart 5
Credit: SproutSocial

A full copy of the study is available at SproutSocial.

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