January 17, 2022
New Return YouTube Dislike Browser Extension brings Thumbs Down Back on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and iOS

Bring the YouTube Dislike Button Back with this Unofficial Browser Extension

YouTube is dropping its dislike button, which the video hosting platform debuted in 2012, but it can be saved with a new browser extension…

YouTube announced in early November on its official blog that it would be phasing out its dislike button. And, the news stirred a whole lot of controversy. This reaction clearly showed just how many people like having the option. But, since ordinary people don’t have the power to keep the tool, a clever developer has created a new browser extension to give the YouTube dislike button a lifeline.

New ‘Return YouTube Dislike’ Browser Extension brings Thumbs Down Back on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and iOS

The new browser extension simply titled “Return YouTube Dislike” makes it possible for users on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and even iOS to restore the YouTube dislike count to their video watching experience. Since its release, the tool has already garnered thousands of positive reviews. Of course, it will only work as long as Google allows because the tech company can shut it down at any time.

Currently, it’s available on four different browsers but since it’s built on the existing YouTube API — which still supports the dislike button — it may not last past December 13th, the date on which Google has slated the data to be cut off. However, the developer says they’ll use archived stats and user data to keep it measuring and working.

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