October 1, 2022
New Samsung Object Eraser Essentially Copies a Previous Google Photos Feature

Samsung Shows Off a New Tool that Allows Users to Remove Unwanted People from Photos

Samsung unveiled a new tool at its Unpacked event that allows One UI 3 phone owners to remove unwanted people from images…

Remember when Google revealed a Google Photos option which could remove unwanted things from pictures? Google showed it off in December of 2017, depicting a chain link fence being removed from a picture. That fence obscured the picture’s subject — a young person up-to-bat at a baseball or softball game. With some quick magic, the chain link fence disappeared and the subject was no longer obstructed.

New Samsung Object Eraser Essentially Copies a Previous Google Photos Feature

Now, Samsung is attempting to do the same. (Hopefully, this will actually make its way out to the public — unlike the missing Google Photos’ option.) Samsung showed the new tool in-action at its recent Unpacked event. After snapping a picture, just a few taps convincingly removes two unwanted people from said photo. Whether it actually works as demonstrated is another matter altogether.

That’s probably what’s held up Google’s object removal tech. This is by no means a small feat to pull off — though it’s certainly not impossible, it is very challenging. This feature will first become available on Samsung’s S21 series phones. Then, it should come to compatible Galaxy devices with a tentative Android 11 update early this year.

Samsung object eraser demonstration
Credit: Samsung

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