January 26, 2022
new secret Twitter subscription service project underway

Twitter is Quietly Working on Some Kind of New Subscription Service but It’s a Secret

A Twitter subscription service is being developed, according to new job listings, but there’s only speculation as to what it is right now…

A new job listing on Twitter’s career website has appeared. And, it’s drawing a lot of conjecture as to what it’s for. Not the job title, that’s named right on the page, a “full-stack engineer” that would be responsible for some sort of e-commerce in the form of a subscription service. Other than this, there’s not much to decipher.

New Secret Twitter Subscription Service Project Underway

Twitter could be working on a number of things. However, given the job description, it’s obviously a subscription-based project. What that project could actually be is a real matter of guesswork. Although, there are some very distinct possibilities as to its mission and how it would fit in with the flagship microblog.

One possibility is a Patreon-like service. This would allow users to subscribe to specific profiles and in-return, receive some kind of benefit. For instance, musical instruction, or craft creation demos, entertainment, or something else of value. Another might be a premium version of the which would offer an ad-free rendition of the microblog. The company writes on its careers website:

“We are a new team, codenamed Gryphon. We are building a subscription platform, one that can be reused by other teams in the future. This is a first for Twitter! Gryphon is a team of web engineers who are closely collaborating with the Payments team and the Twitter.com team. We are looking for a full-stack engineer to lead the Payment and Subscription client work, someone who values collaboration as much as we do and can act as a bridge for the engineering team. It’s a great opportunity for all teams involved!”

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