November 3, 2022
new YouTube strike system

YouTube Revises its Strike System to Go Easy on First-Time Offenders and Makes it More Consistent

A new YouTube strike system includes a simplified version, giving first-time offenders more leeway, and it also offers consistency…

Over the years, YouTube has received its fair share of criticism for its strike system. This was due to the fact it wasn’t always clear where creators and users went wrong. And, a disparity in penalties.

Now, the video hosting site is addressing this problem. Starting February 25th, the platform will implement a new strike system which brings with it more clarity and consistency.

New Simplified YouTube Strike System Introduced

The new YouTube strike system gives out the same punishments but incrementally increases in severity for repeat offenders. Here’s a snapshot of the new YouTube strike system:

  • Strike one: a one-week ban on uploading or streaming new content, which expires after 90 days.
  • Strike two: another violation within the 90-day period, results in a two-week uploading and streaming freeze.
  • Strike three: a third offence within the 90-day period results in a total shut down of the channel. 

YouTube states it’s using a three-strike system because of its effectiveness. In fact, 98 percent of its users never again violate the site’s community guidelines again. Moreover, 94 percent of people receiving a first strike do not receive a second strike.

Watch the explainer video below:

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