September 10, 2021
Snapchat location sharing

Users can Now Send and Request Locations in Snapchat

A new Snapchat location-sharing tool is now available through the popular social app, letting users send and request their whereabouts…

Snapchat just began rolling out a new “Send and Request” location-sharing option for private messages, according to TechCrunch. The feature comes after the release of Snap Map, which debuted in June of last year. This new tool relies on that technology. But, instead of sharing a location with everyone, this new option only makes whereabouts available to selected friends.

New Snapchat Location-Sharing Feature goes Live

Snapchat has recorded mix results from its location-sharing. However, its latest move gives users more privacy, only sharing between friends. It’s simple to access. Just long-press on a friend’s name, or tap on the hamburger menu in a chat. New buttons appear to send or request locations and a map surfaces right inside the private conversation. It only works for mutual friends and users can turn off location-sharing at any time.

Once a location is shared, it doesn’t stay on forever. Instead, it only works for eight hours. And, user can cancel access at any time desired. 

Snapchat states the feature is rolling out to Android and iOS over the next few weeks. At this time, it’s unknown if the option will become available globally.