July 3, 2022
New Spotify Search Filters Added to its Mobile Apps

Spotify Improves its Mobile Apps with New Search Filters

Spotify has updated its Android and iOS mobile apps to include new search filters to make finding music and podcasts a whole lot easier…

Spotify is rolling out new search filters to its iOS and Android mobile apps. These are designed to make it simpler to pinpoint podcasts and music on the platform. Once completely rolled out, listeners will see tab filters under the search bar that helps to refine search results when looking for something. It’s definitely not a huge change, but one that should be very useful.

New Spotify Search Filters Added to its Mobile Apps

The new Spotify search filters include: top results, artists, songs, playlists, albums, podcasts & shows, episodes and profiles. So, if someone searches for “cooking,” the filters should display curated dinner playlists, podcasts featuring chefs, as well as playlists created by other users. The search filters ought to provide an improved experience when trying to find something on the app.

Spotify’s new search filters are currently making their way out, so not everyone will see them right away. However, the roll out should be complete in the next couple of weeks, helping listeners to discover new music and podcasts they didn’t know about before.

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