October 1, 2022
New Spotify Songwriters Hub takes Listeners Behind the Scenes

Spotify Now takes Listeners Behind the Music with this New Feature

Spotify has found a new way to put the men and women who create the music in the spotlight with the introduction of Songwriters Hub…

Most people don’t really know what goes into making a music album. It’s a very long and complex process that blends high creativity with cutting edge technology. The fusion, if done properly, can turn out some catchy tunes. At the very best, produce a hit or two. But, the lengthy road to get from initial idea to finished product remains a bit of a mystery to the general public. Spotify is attempting to pull back the curtain and let listeners in on the details.

New Spotify Songwriters Hub takes Listeners Behind the Scenes

The new Spotify Songwriters Hub is a section that appears as a category in the Browser tab. It’s essentially an extension of the first efforts to give producers and songwriters increased props when it launched credits pulled from the record label’s metadata starting in 2018. Fast forward to February, which commenced a test featuring songwriters pages. Spotify writes on its blog:

“…we’re excited to officially introduce the Songwriters Hub— a new place on Spotify for listeners to find Written By playlists from both established and emerging songwriters,listen to podcasts about the craft of songwriting, and discover a rotating cast of featured songwriters and cultural moments each month.”

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