December 2, 2021
New Streaming Service Scams are Running Rampant Online

New Scams Aggressively Targeting Netflix and Other Streaming Service Customers

Streaming services are so very popular they present irresistible opportunities for cyber-criminals, by ripping off unsuspecting consumers…

Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime boasts millions upon millions of paying customers. These entertainment on-demand platforms have not only reshaped the entertainment industry but are also providing easy opportunities for scammers. Cyber-criminals deviously exploit the signup or resubscription processes through extensive phishing campaigns. Now, there’s a new batch of schemes going around, according to a new security report by Kaspersky

New Streaming Service Scams are Running Rampant Online

As usual, the fakery utilizes some very familiar techniques. Some in the form of phishing emails sent to subscribers warning their payment information is out-of-date. There’s also email going out to random people, with too good to be true offers, allegedly by well-known, legitimate streaming companies. Of course, all these messages are fake. They lead straight to bogus signup pages or forged payment update pages.

Obviously, the goal is to get as many people as possible to enter their email addresses, names, mailing addresses, along with their payment information. Everything cyber-criminals need to complete their scams and steal from their victims in a number of nefarious ways. So, pay close attention to red flags to avoid being ripped off.

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