January 26, 2022
why consumers unfollow brands on social media

New Study Reveals Why Consumers Unfollow Brands on Social Media

A new study by Sprout Social uncovers the different reasons why people using social media regularly choose to unfollow brands…

Why do consumers unfollow brands on social media? Sprout Social recently conducted a study involving more than 1,000 participants to find the answers. The reasons are not surprising but the data does demonstrate trends businesses should know about for best marketing practices.

A Recently Released Study by Sprout Social Shows Why Consumers Unfollow Brands on Social Sites

Although social media offers enormous reach, it is not a broadcast platform. It’s also not a medium for interrupt advertising, like television and radio. Yet, some businesses choose to ignore the social aspect of social media. This data clearly shows why paid ads differ greatly from social media marketing and content marketing. For brand marketing to be effective through social channels, it must connect and offer something of value.

Of the one-thousand plus respondents, nearly 58 percent state posting too many promotions is the reason for unfollowing. Just over 38 percent say using “slang and jargon” cause them to unfollow brands. Almost 35 percent cite brands not having any personality is a reason to unfollow. A bit more than 32 percent state brands trying to be funny be aren’t is why they unfollow. And, just shy of 25 percent report brands not replying to messages is a reason to unfollow.

Credit: Sprout Social

Conversely, consumers choose to follow brands on social media for several reasons. The survey reveals over 73 percent follow brands because of interest in their products and services. Nearly 59 percent follow due to interest in promotions, while 51.3 percent follow because they find brands entertaining. 

Sprout Social why consumers choose to follow brands on social media
Credit: Sprout Social

A plurality of just over 42 percent follow brands who offer an incentive, 41.5 percent are interested in the industry, and just 25.1 percent to communicate with brands. Amazingly, only 21 percent report following brands because their friends follow and/or users like a brand’s content.

Another recent study finds Amazon is the leading consumer product search engine. In addition, Facebook just released new retailer measurement tools and ad options to provide brands with more data and features.

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