December 9, 2021
teen YouTuber news consumption

New Study Reveals Teens get their News from YouTubers and Not Verified News Outlets

A new study finds teens get most of their news from YouTubers and social media, rather than traditional news organizations…

Here’s something which should come as no surprise — teens get their news from YouTubers and social media. With the spread of fake news and misleading information, this isn’t exactly comforting.

New Study Reveals Teens get their News from YouTubers, Not Legitimate News Organizations

A recent study conducted by SurveyMonkey and Common Sense Media surveyed 1,000 teens, ranging from ages 13 to 17. 

A full 75 percent of teens told the organizations it’s important to keep up with the news. And, 60 percent of participants said they get their news from celebrities, influencers, and other internet personalities. Additionally, 40 percent stated those so-called sources “generally get the facts straight.”

The study revelations are alarming because YouTubers are largely entertainers and do not deliver hard news. But, others believe this trend is merely a sign of the times.

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