September 13, 2021
new Telegram location-based features

New Telegram Location-Based Features Released

New Telegram location-based features include “Add People Nearby” and “Create a Local Group,” along with other new options…

With the latest Telegram update come a few new location-based tools. For instance, those with the most recent version of the app will see a new “Add People Nearby” option. Also, there’s a “Create a Local Group” tool.

New Telegram Location-Based Features Released

As the name “Add People Nearby” suggests, this allows users to discover nearby public chat groups. Along the same lines, “Create a Local Group” does precisely that, giving people the ability to set-up a new chat.

Telegram explains these new features as a better way to utilize location-based technology:

“This update opens up a new world of location-based group chats for anything from conferences, to festivals, to stadiums, to campuses, to chatting with people hanging out in the same cafe.”

Another new tool allows users to transfer group chat administrative rights to others:

“Telegram apps now support transferring ownership rights from any groups and channels to other users. Grant full admin rights to your Chosen One to see the Transfer Ownership button.”

There’s also additional notification controls with the latest version and Siri shortcuts for iOS device owners.

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