November 2, 2022
Telegram silent messaging

Telegram Introduces a Silent Messaging Option, along with Other App Updates

Telegram updates its chat app to include a silent messaging feature, which delivers text and media, without notification sounds…

Practically everyone has been in the embarrassing position of receiving a message when such interruptions are inappropriate. It’s not good to be the focus of attention in a room when everyone is quiet.

Telegram thinks it can help out with such circumstances by releasing a new silent messaging option.

New Telegram Silent Messaging Feature Rolls Out

Telegram has announced on its official blog the new silent messaging feature, along with a slew of other new stuff. Here’s how it works:

“You can now message friends freely when you know they are sleeping, studying or attending a meeting.

Simply hold the Send button to have any message or media delivered without sound.

Your recipient will get a notification as usual, but their phone won’t make a sound – even if they forgot to enable the Do Not Disturb mode.”

Along with silent messaging, there’s a new group chat slow mode, which prevents ongoing conversations from becoming overwhelming. Also, select emoji now have animation, such as the heart and thumbs up. Moreover, there’s more options to find particular moments in a video.  

Telegram likewise updated its Android attachment menu:

“Android’s attachment menu got a makeover, giving media more real estate. Larger thumbnails make it easier to pick photos and videos at a glance, and swiping up will reveal your full Gallery for better browsing.”

Read all the updates and changes on the Telegram blog.

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