January 27, 2022
new Telegram video editor and GIF panel improvements debut

Telegram Adds a New Video Editor and Improves its GIF Panel in Latest App Update

Telegram has rolled out a new video editing suite inside its app and also enhanced its GIF panel, in the most recent update…

Cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service Telegram just released a bit update to its platform. Now, it’s more than 400 million monthly active users have even more power in the palms of their hands. The company just added video editing to its software program, along with several other new features.

New Telegram Video Editor and GIF Panel Improvements Debut

Telegram’s new options give its users more control over media files. They can enhance quality in just a couple of steps. Or, manually adjust parameters, such as color saturation and tone brightness. Plus, it’s now possible to draw over a video with a paintbrush, as well as zoom in, as desired.

This, in addition to the ability to transform a still picture into a GIF, with the introduction of animated stickers. Telegram writes on its official company blog:

“In 2015, Telegram released the most powerful photo editor to be implemented in a messaging app, letting you enhance image quality and add drawings, stickers and text to pictures. Today we’re upgrading the media editor with support for animated stickers and editing videos. You can now enhance video quality automatically in two taps – or manually tweak a dozen parameters, like brightness or saturation…”

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