November 5, 2022
TikTok ecommerce and bio links

TikTok is Experimenting with Ecommerce and Bio Links

TikTok is testing links for bios and ecommerce, probably signaling a move toward going up against its social media rivals…

Short-form video sharing platform TikTok is now experimenting with letting users find and buy products right within the mobile app. It comes with a new feature, which allows creators to insert links in key locations.

New TikTok Ecommerce and Bio Links Test Spotted

The new option lets users add a link to their videos to redirect viewers to third-party sites. There, people can purchase buy the product(s) shown in the TikTok video.

Also, users can now add a URL to their profile pages. 

Unsurprisingly, the new TikTok features are strikingly similar to that of competitor Instagram, which offers Stories and shoppable posts. These two tools on Instagram let influencers benefit from affiliate marketing.

The new TikTok ecommerce and bio links might help the social site to grow even larger. It already claims 500 million active users. But, that’s just about half of Instagram, which has 1 billion.

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