September 15, 2022
new Toys R Us website powered by Target

Toys ‘R’ Us Unveils a New Website, but it’s Actually Powered by Target

Toys ‘R’ Us has a new website for parents and kids alike to shop, but Target is really the company behind the online platform…

Christmas is just 78 days away, and just in time for the holiday, Toys ‘R’ Us has debuted its new website. But, it’s not what it first appears to be to shoppers.

New Toys ‘R’ Us Website goes Live, Powered by Target

The new Toys ‘R’ Us website, in reality, is powered by Target — something visitors eventually find out when completing their purchases. 

Richard Barry, CEO of Toys ‘R’ Us parent Tru Kids, explained to CNBC the toy retailer partnered-up with Target because of its robust supply chain. For instance, it offers same-day delivery across the US. Plus, it has a large toy market share, making it an ideal teammate.

The new Toys ‘R’ Us website also offers product reviews and guides, along with gift suggestions. At this time, it’s not clear how the two companies will split the revenue. Toys ‘R’ Us filed for bankruptcy protection in January, but began to reopen stores again this summer.

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