November 3, 2022
Tube toxic comment moderator Chrome extension

Tune, a New Chrome Browser Extension, Hides Toxic Comments using AI

The Tube toxic comment moderator Chrome extension will conceal vitriol and plenty more, thanks to its artificial intelligence technology…

There’s no question the web has no shortage of toxicity. Wherever people go, negative, hurtful, and unhelpful comments are present. Be it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even on ecommerce platforms like Amazon.

Although these entities do their best to deal with such trash, it’s often not enough. Turns out, there’s another solution, called “Tune,” a Chrome extension which uses AI to filter out toxic comments.

New Tune Chrome Extension Hides Toxic Web Comments using Artificial Intelligence

The Tune Chrome browser extension works of another system known as Perspective, which was created by Jigsaw, an offshoot of Alphabet.

Twitter and YouTube already use this technology to aid in tracking and moderating toxic comments.

The Tune Chrome extension allows users to set their own comfort level. Meaning, attempt to block them out completely or endure a small amount of bad actors.

The system is by no means perfect, so don’t expect it to work without flaws. However, the more people who use it and provide feedback, the better it will become over time.

Tune currently works on a limited number of sites, which include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Disqus, and YouTube.

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