June 23, 2022
New Twitter Blue Subscription Service Debuts with Undo Option, Ad-Free Articles

Yes, Twitter is Actually Selling a Subscription Service but it Comes with Some Nice Features

Twitter Blue, a new subscription or premium form of the social microblog, offers paying customers the ability to undo tweets and ad-free news…

Twitter started working on a type of subscription model some time back in the summer of last year. Since that time, more details have leaked and it finally launched. Now, the company is expanding its premium product to more people. However, it’s not available everywhere and is currently confined to just two markets. But, it does include some very useful tools, perhaps making it worthwhile to its most avid fans. 

New Twitter Blue Subscription Service Debuts with Undo Option, Ad-Free Articles

Twitter Blue is the name of the new premium platform and it actually has something akin to the much-requested edit button. It costs $2.99 per month in the United States and $4.49 in New Zealand (the two countries in which it is now live). And, it has an “undo” tweet, a very handy option. Twitter Blue also gives subscribers access to ad-free news articles, plus a bit of customization. For instance, the ability to rearrange the features appearing as shortcuts in the app’s navigation bar.

Twitter Blue additionally allows subscribers to select a new color theme and for app icons. Plus, early access to new features Twitter is testing out. Presently, this includes video uploads of up to 10 minutes in length, and the ability to pin conversations at the top of the DM box.

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