August 5, 2022
New Twitter Conversation Mode Debuts on iOS and the Web

Twitter Introduces a Fix for One of its Biggest Problems about Conversations

Twitter is trying yet another way to fix one of its worst aspects, which is making conversations easier to follow on the social microblog…

Perhaps the single worst thing about Twitter is its handling of conversations. Being able to tell who is talking to who is quite difficult, particularly to new users. In fact, the problem is so bad, that CEO Jack Dorsey once admitted that it’s “confusing” to new people and that’s one of the biggest reasons it’s not more widely adopted.

New Twitter Conversation Mode Debuts on iOS and the Web

Twitter announced on its Support channel that it is attempting to organize conversations in a way that’s easier to follow. The new feature will first appear on iOS, including the iPhone, iPad, as well as the web. (At this time, there’s no word on when it will debut on the Android app but it shouldn’t be too far off from surfacing.)

The new Twitter conversation mode deploys, it will put all replies to tweets in single conversations that will have their own responses. It will also include branching lines, along with indentations, and other elements which are intended to make it easier to identify the participants in conversations.

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