January 15, 2022
Twitter Country Withheld Content

Twitter Now Tells Users when It Blocks Content to Comply with the Law

A new Twitter Country Withheld Content disclosure practice will tell users when content is blocked by the microblog to meet legal standards…

Twitter will now display messages that inform users of blocked tweets. The new measure is due to legal compliance across different jurisdictions. For instance, Nazi symbols are prohibited in Germany. This and other types of content the microblog will block but inform users why.

“As our use of CWC has evolved over time, we are updating our in-product messaging when we withhold content to clarify why content was withheld and where,” Jeremy Kessel, Twitter’s Global Legal Policy Director, explains.

New Twitter Country Withheld Content Disclosure Policy Goes into Effect

Twitter calls this “Country Withheld Content.” It applies to statues, administrative laws, court orders, and more. If a tweet is blocked because of a court order, the following message will appear: “This tweet from @username has been withheld in [country] in response to a legal demand.”

Twitter Country Withheld Content account withheld
Credit: Twitter

The social network will also display similar messages on its platform for accounts which are blocked entirely.

Twitter states between January and June of this year, it received about the same number of removal requests from governments, courts, and others as it did last year. The company received removal requests from forty-six countries, with approximately 90 percent coming from France, Germany, Russia, and Turkey. (Turkey accounted for about 45 percent of those requests.)

“Our goal is to help you better understand why you may not be able to view certain types of content as you interact with our service. The more that we can share about our actions, the better the public can understand the various challenges, legal or otherwise, that we face and how we handle them.”