November 4, 2022
Twitter deepfake policy

Twitter Releases a Draft of a New Deepfake Policy which States the Site will Label and Warn but Won’t Remove Manipulated Content

A new Twitter deepfake policy has been released by the social microblog as a draft, stating it will label and warn manipulated content…

Twitter has published a draft of its upcoming policy regarding deepfakes. The social site reveals in the draft it will label and warn about manipulated content. However, Twitter won’t necessarily remove it, either.

New Twitter Deepfake Policy Draft Labels and Warns but does not Remove Manipulated Content

The new Twitter deepfake policy comes at a time when the medium is becoming ubiquitous across the web. It’s becoming more and more popular — as well as more and more powerful — thanks in large part to advances in artificial intelligence.

While Twitter says it won’t always remove manipulated content, it will delete posts that threaten someone’s physical safety.

What isn’t really known is precisely how the social microblog will detect deepfakes in the first place. But, the company is actively soliciting for partners in this particular endeavor. 

TechCrunch reports Twitter will:

  • place a notice next to Tweets that share synthetic or manipulated media;
  • warn people before they share or like Tweets with synthetic or manipulated media; or
  • add a link – for example, to a news article or Twitter Moment – so that people can read more about why various sources believe the media is synthetic or manipulated.

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