September 23, 2022
new Twitter filters

New Twitter Filters Added to Mute Content and Notifications

New Twitter filters introduced recently give users more control over content and notifications, improving user experience on the social media microblog…

This week, Twitter debuted new filters for better user experience across its platform. The three new Twitter filters provide advanced functions. The options allow users to mute notifications from profiles use the default Twitter avatar, profiles with unverified email addresses, and profiles with unverified phone numbers.

New Twitter Filters Now Mute Notification and Content

In February, Twitter announced enhanced safety measures to combat abuse and more. In mid February, the microblog began placing temporary restrictions on some profiles for violating its user practice policies. Now, the social media company is equipping users with more control.

“We’re continuing our work to make Twitter safer, moving faster than ever to do so. During the past few weeks alone, we’ve made a number of changes on this front including updating how you can report abusive Tweets, stopping the creation of new abusive accounts, implementing safer search results, collapsing abusive or low-quality Tweets, and reducing notifications from conversations started by people you’ve blocked or muted,” Ed Ho, VP of Engineering explains.

new Twitter filters screenshot 1
Credit: Twitter

Back in November, the company introduced options to let user mute keywords, phrases, hashtags, usernames, emojis, and conversations. Now, users are able to place a time restriction for four different periods: 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or forever:

new Twitter filters screenshot 2
Credit: Twitter

More changes are internal. Twitter states it is working to algorithmically identify abusive content. Identified profiles through the Twitter algorithm receive account limitations. Only the followers of such a limited profile can see that penalized profile’s tweets. 

“Our platform supports the freedom to share any viewpoint, but if an account continues to repeatedly violate the Twitter Rules, we will consider taking further action,” the company explains.

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