April 8, 2021
Twitter in-app suspension appeal

Twitter Just made a Change which Allows Suspended Users to Appeal their Penalty Directly Inside the App

A new Twitter in-app suspension appeal option will allow users to petition the platform to restore their accounts with more ease…

Anyone suspended for violating conduct guidelines on Twitter will no longer have to leave the app to appeal the disciplinary decision. 

New Twitter In-App Suspension Appeal Debuts

It’s a big change. Previously, any user who came under suspension had to complete an online form. Response times ranged from a few hours to over a week.

Twitter claims its new in-app suspension appeal tool will reduce those response times by as much as 60 percent.

If the microblog upholds the suspension, the offender receives a notification with the tweet in question, as well as the rule violated and a link to its conduct guidelines.

Those who choose to appeal can fill-out a box and provide an explanation. It’s a more effective way of dealing with these types of situations. And, it helps users understand how Twitter handles questionable behavior.

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