September 15, 2022
new Twitter Moments format

New Twitter Moments Format Test Spotted

A new Twitter Moments format test is in the works, to change its look on mobile, for a more seamless experience that blends with the rest of the site…

A new Twitter Moments format might soon appear on Android and iOS. The microblog is in the process of testing an improved layout that is more consistent with the design of the rest of the platform.

New Twitter Moments Format Test Underway

The current format emphasizes images and video. It also arranges tweets horizontally:

current Twitter Moments format
Credit: Social Media Today

The new design sports vertical orientation. However, the change does no affect the curation strategy. It only refreshes the aesthetics:

new Twitter Moments format screenshot
Credit: Twitter

“We’re experimenting with a new vertical format for Moments, based on research that shows Moments may be easier to consume if they are more consistent with the Twitter experience. This new format will continue to showcase curated stories about what’s happening — the content in Moments remains the same,” Twitter tells Mashable.

The new design experience differs between Android and iOS. On the iOS platform, images are larger with the tweet appearing at the bottom. On Android, a tweet appears above the image or video.

This test comes months after Twitter introduced its Explore tab. That section highlights live video and includes trending topics. Its roll out pushed Moments into a secondary element.

At this time, it’s unknown if Twitter will make the change permanent. But, it’s common for the microblog to test new features with a small group of users before making it available to all profiles.