March 7, 2021
New Twitter Read Article Prompt Test Now Underway

Twitter Might Prompt Users to Take the Time to Read Articles before Sharing Them

Twitter is currently experimenting with a new ‘read article’ alert, intended to persuade users to actually read things before sharing them with others…

Although social media serves as a way to stay informed, there is such thing as too much information. Feeds are practically endless, with new content being added minute after minute. So, it’s not really possible to digest all of it. That results in people sharing things they see without actually reading past the headlines. Twitter is seeking a way to solve this problem with a new test.

New Twitter ‘Read Article’ Prompt Test Now Underway

Twitter is now experimenting with a new alert that prompts users to read pieces before they share them. The new cue won’t appear to everyone. Right now, it’s only being shown to Android users in English. But, there’s no word on if it will prevent people from sharing even if they don’t read it after seeing the prompt.

The test is Twitter’s latest attempt to prevent or at least mitigate the spread of misinformation. It’s also meant to encourage more meaningful conversations on the platform. This, after the microblog introduced reply limits late last month in another experimental run. 

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