June 23, 2022
new Twitter tweet character count

New Twitter Tweet Character Count Goes Live

A new Twitter tweet character count goes live today, no longer including images, videos, GIFs, polls and Quote Tweets, but links still count…

In late May, Twitter announced it would change its character count practices. Today, the new Twitter tweet character count is live, in an effort to improve user experience. The rollout delay provided the developer community time to adapt.

Tweet character count is not the only change the microblog implemented. In addition, the social network made other tweaks, such as ditching the “.@” format. This particular operator allowed users to tweet “@username” to all of their followers. (A user hack to circumvent timeline restrictions.)

A New Twitter Tweet Character Count is Live Today, Giving Users more Space

Its hallmark 140 character limit actually introduced unnecessary obstacles to users. The company recognizes this problem and assures investors and users alike, it will make the social platform simpler. 

In addition to exempting images, videos, GIFs, polls and Quote Tweets in its character count, @mentions will not count against the limit (users are now able to mention up to 50 people). Instead, @mentions now ostensibly appear in the header and no longer in tweets. The company originally redesigned tweets to contain up to 10,000 characters but abandon the idea because it conflicted with the network’s brief update identity.

Twitter has experienced stagnate user growth for some time. This worries its public investors, bolstering rumors about the network ending its search for an acquirer. Recently, Twitter joined the First Draft Coalition, an organization backed by Alphabet and Google to combat fake news.

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