October 2, 2022
New Unicode 14-0 Emoji for 2022 Unveiled

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Emoji for 2022

Emoji choices will become more robust at some point next year, with the addition of more than one hundred new designs in Unicode 14-0…

There’s plenty of new ways to express one’s self on the way as the Unicode Consortium has approved over 110 additional animations. They’ll likely be available sometime next year in 2022, bringing the total up to just shy of 840 overall. Practically all will be accessible via mobile devices, along with laptops and desktops, and other platforms. Of course, not every single emotion is part of the collection, but it’s pretty close.

New Unicode 14-0 Emoji for 2022 Unveiled

Among the new designs are a salute, a single peeking eye, a melting face, and even a face holding back tears. Additionally, an X-ray sheet, playground slide, a cup spilling water, a walking crutch, life preserver, along with an empty bird’s nest and a bird’s nest with three blue eggs, and a retro disco ball, plus a battery that’s nearly drained of its charge.

These emoji will appear in a future Android update, likely planned for sometime in 2022. In the meantime, people will have to make do with what’s already out there. What’s more, Google has figured out how to bring newer emoji to older platforms with Gboard and Messages, so don’t be surprised if they appear sooner rather than later.

Unicode 14-0 emoji collection 1
Credit: Emojipedia
Unicode 14-0 emoji collection 2
Credit: Emojipedia

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