September 30, 2022
New US House Legislation Bans TikTok, with a Senate Bill to Pass Soon

TikTok is Now Closer than Ever to a Full Outright Ban in the United States

A complete US TikTok ban is now closer to becoming a reality, with the House approving a bill and the Senate to follow suit…

There’s now a more distinct possibility that TikTok will be banned in the United States. This, after the House of Representatives passed a bill calling for the prohibition of the short-form video app, 336 to 71, resulting in an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that will ban TikTok from all federal devices. This, due to compelling evidence data is being passed to the Chinese communist government through TikTok.

New US House Legislation Bans TikTok, with a Senate Bill Expected to Pass Soon

The House isn’t alone. The United States Senate is also working on its own version. That bill is expected to pass the upper chamber. Then, the two versions would go into the reconciliation process. Once out of negotiations, the new agreement would go to the White House for the President’s signature to become official law.

Although, the federal ban wouldn’t necessarily stop at official government devices. If the ban goes through, it could widen to more applications. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently said in an interview that the US government is seriously considering a general access ban on many Chinese social media apps.

TikTok maintains that it does not share data from its mobile apps with the Chinese communist government. However, India recently banned TikTok — as well as nearly sixty other apps — over its disputes with China, also citing security concerns.

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