September 15, 2022
New Verizon Smart Display with Alexa Confirmed by Amazon

Amazon Confirms the New Verizon Smart Display that Built with Alexa but Short on Actual Abilities

Verizon’s future smart display is powered partially by Amazon’s Alexa technology, but it appears to have some serious limitations…

Verizon first gave the public a peek at its tentative smart display via an FCC filing last month. Then, last week, Amazon confirmed the device’s existence during its Alexa Live presentation. It’s part of the Alexa Custom Assistant program, which gives third-party manufacturers to build custom assistants over Alexa. Though it does boast some impressive specifications, it seems to seriously lack on its ostensible purpose.

New Verizon Smart Display with Alexa Confirmed by Amazon

Verizon’s coming smart display includes an eight-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, and of course, Alexa. It’s also equipped with LTE, which is apparently for use during internet outages or during setup prior to connecting to WiFi. So, that in itself is a very narrow use-case but that’s not the only puzzling thing about the device.

For example, the company says its smart display can do things such as checking a Verizon bill or run a speed test. Of course, it’s triggered by saying, “Hi Verizon.” Future owners can also ask smart assistant-type questions, like the current weather. However, it must ask Alexa in-turn to fetch the forecast. Needless to say, there’s little reason to buy one of these if it relies on Alexa. 

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