September 11, 2021
Vudu parental controls

Vudu Adds New Parental Controls that Skip Over Adult Scenes

New Vudu parental controls have the power to skip right past content that’s inappropriate for children, which are available through the Family Plan…

Vudu, a video streaming service owned by Walmart, has announced its added a few new handy controls for parents. The tools are available through a new Family Play feature.

New Vudu Parental Controls Skip Adult Scenes

The new Vudu parental controls allow adults to bypass sensitive content, such as foul language, violence, sex, nudity, along with substance abuse.

The option works with over 500 major studio titles and Vudu will expand the feature to work with more television shows and movies.

Vudu is also introducing new parent-focused ratings and reviews. This will help adults determine if titles are appropriate for young viewers. Plus, Vudu will add a Kids Mode, which contains age-appropriate content.

“Family Play lets customers tailor their viewing experience so everyone can enjoy films together – no matter the MPAA rating. That’s because, through Family Play, customers can choose to skip or mute objectionable content, including substance abuse, language, violence, sex, and nudity, based on their own preferences. The feature is available on over 500 eligible major studio titles (both free and paid content). Additional titles will be made available each week.

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