January 17, 2022
New Waze Lane Guidance Debuts for Better Navigation

Waze Adds a Google Maps Feature that Helps Drivers Get Around Unfamiliar Places

Waze has been updated to include lane guidance, a feature that’s long been available on both Google Maps and Apple Maps for better navigation…

Waze just got an improvement to its navigation tools. With a recent update, which includes several other features to help people on their daily commutes, comes something that’s been present on both Google Maps and Apple Maps for some time now — lane guidance. (This, even though Google has owned Waze since June of 2013, when it purchased the Israeli-based firm for $966 million.)

TitleNew Waze Lane Guidance Debuts for Better Navigation

The new Waze lane guidance tool is especially helpful when driving in an unfamiliar city. Although the navigation app provides detailed directions to destinations, it’s not always enough to avoid taking the wrong lane. Lane guidance shows the driver exactly where to be on the road, particularly when existing an interstate or highway. But, it’s also helpful on other streets with multiple lanes which diverge and go off in different directions.

Fortunately, Waze users don’t have to wait for the new lane guidance feature. It’s already available with the most recent version in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Once updated to the latest iteration, users will see a screen showing them precisely where they need to position their vehicles on the road.

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