June 20, 2021
Waze Lane Guidance Feature Debuts in Beta Release

Waze Now Offers this Long-Requested Feature, but Only Some People are Able to Use It

Waze has finally added a highly-sought feature to its navigation software service, but it’s only available on the latest beta release…

Back in 2006, an Israeli corporation launched a new GPS navigation app that encouraged crowd-sourcing for the most up-to-date, nearly real-time traffic conditions. In 2013, Google acquired the company for $966 million and many of its key features have been added to Google Maps. Now, Waze sports a new tool that’s long been requested by its users.

Waze Lane Guidance Feature Debuts in Beta Release

The latest beta version of the Waze navigation app contains a lane guidance tool. It shows up approximately 0.31 miles away from the next turn or exit, or about 500 meters. It highlights the appropriate lane and sits conspicuously at the top of the screen so it’s easy to follow.

The new Waze lane guidance feature is already reportedly live. However, it’s only available through the most recent beta build. Although, it should make its way to stable release in the not-to-distant future. Whether or not parent company Google applies it to Google Maps remains to be seen.

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