November 3, 2022
New Waze Trip Planning and Departure Notification Features Debut

Waze Now Lets Users Plan Trips on the Web and then Sends a Notification when it’s Time to Leave

Waze now sports a couple of neat new tools; one let’s people plan trips on the web, and another sends a reminder when it’s time to go…

Planning a trip through Waze is now a bit easier. Just fire up a web browser using Live Map and then save it to the mobile application by clicking on “Save to app.” There’s also an option to set a preferred arrival time. When that time is selected, Waze will automatically send a notification to leave. Plus, the navigation app will also surface push notifications with real-time traffic conditions. (So, if the route gets congested, Waze will encourage the driver to hit the road a bit ahead of schedule.)

New Waze Trip Planning and Departure Notification Features Debut

What’s more, Waze users can now view their saved locations on the desktop site. Moreover, they can select those saved locations, making it unnecessary to re-enter addresses for every trip. Meaning, it’s no longer required to keep inputting a home or work address, or another frequent destination. Of course, these are already present in Google Maps, which will likewise let people save spots.

The new features are now live and available on both the Android and iOS mobile apps.

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