September 20, 2022
New WhatsApp Android to iOS Chat Transfer Tool Under Development

WhatsApp will Soon Let Users Transfer Chats from Android to iOS

WhatsApp previously rolled out an option to transfer chats from iOS to Android, and now, the Facebook subsidiary is making the reverse possible…

WhatsApp is already known for its tight lockdowns. For example, it long existed only on mobile in any real sense before it made it possible to use across multiple devices. The company also introduced video and voice calls on Windows and macOS. And, the chat platform released a conversation transfer tool for iOS to Android. Now, it’s doing the same in the opposite direction — from Android to iOS.

New WhatsApp Android to iOS Chat Transfer Tool Under Development

WABetaInfo reports WhatsApp is indeed working on a chat transfer function that will give users the ability to export their chats from Android devices to iOS devices. Originally, the power to transfer WhatsApp data from iOS to Android was restricted just to Samsung’s Galaxy hardware. But, that’s expanded since then and with the upcoming tool, it appears not to be exclusive to only certain devices.

At this time, the exact procedure isn’t known. However, it will probably involve a cable. And, it does look as though the Move to iOS app will be necessary to complete the WhatsApp data transfer process. There’s also no release date but it will probably become available in the not-too-distant future.

Credit: WABetaInfo

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