July 29, 2021
New WhatsApp Business Accounts QR Info Cards Debut

Businesses on WhatsApp can Now Share their Contact Information with QR Codes

WhatsApp business accounts can share their contact information with customers through a new QR code feature and catalogs with links…

About a week ago, WhatsApp introduced a new way for users to share their contact details via QR codes. Now, the messaging platform is doing the same for enterprise accounts. With this expansion of the tool, the approximate 50 million business accounts on the messaging platform can more easily make their contact info available.

New WhatsApp Business Accounts QR Code Contact Info Cards Debut

Businesses can not only place their contact details in the QR codes, but also can customize the initial message that appears when the codes are scanned by others. This could include things like hours of operation, a link to their menu or product catalog, or something else helpful.

Also on the catalog front, there’s a bit more news. WhatsApp is making it less daunting to share their product/service catalogs. For those unfamiliar, catalogs are basically a lightweight version of a website. Now, they can be shared through links, making them viewable outside the WhatsApp mobile app.

Businesses interested in using the new QR code contact info cards and/or the catalog sharing feature can find them in the WhatsApp Business app, as well as the WhatsApp Business API.

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