October 1, 2022
New WhatsApp Business Search Feature Test Underway

WhatsApp may Soon Let Users Search for Businesses within its App

WhatsApp is working on a new in-app search feature that allows people to easily find businesses right on the platform itself…

WhatsApp is in the process of trialing a new option that gives users the ability to search for businesses from within the mobile app. This represents a first for the Facebook subsidiary and forms a portion of an evolving strategy by the platform to give e-commerce account a boost in revenues. Currently, it’s being tested in Brazil as a way to give shoppers quick and easy access to products and services without leaving the app.

New WhatsApp Business Search Feature Test Underway

WhatsApp isn’t the only Facebook property that’s giving businesses more opportunities to connect with consumers. It’s already available on Instagram and more prevalently on the flagship Facebook platform. Recently, WhatsApp introduced more tools to help businesses sell their products and services right through the messaging app. Now, there’s a specialized API that allows companies to integrate WhatsApp into their enterprise systems.

The current test is limited to Sao Paulo, with several neighborhoods participating. Right now, categories include food, retail goods, and local services. India and Indonesia are tentatively the next experimental regions, where WhatsApp will continue to gauge how popular and useful the feature really is to consumers.

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