November 25, 2021
New WhatsApp Ephemeral Messaging Option Appears

WhatsApp is Testing Disappearing Messages in Latest Experimental Build for iOS

WhatsApp is apparently expanding its disappearing message feature, according to the most recent build of the mobile application…

WhatsApp introduced a self-destruct option for private messages last spring. Now, with the latest version of the communication app, it’s also offering a 24-hour disappearing feature. In its first iteration, the tool only allowed senders to set a 7-day time limit before their messages vanished into the digital ether. However, that seems like it’s changing, as fanatical fans have spotted in the most recent build.

New WhatsApp Ephemeral Messaging Option Appears

The folks over at WABInfo report the option is available in the latest build of iOS. Although, it will almost certainly make its way over to Android once there’s enough interaction from users and feedback, as well. But, it’s not yet known if it is restricted to just individuals or will also be available to group moderators.  Of course, all of this depends on its performance over the next few months. 

If this sounds somewhat familiar, that’s because the option has already showed up before. Back in October of 2019, the ephemeral feature debuted in group chats. But now, it’s on track to become a candidate for potential wide release with private messages.

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