December 5, 2020
WhatsApp-Facebook direct sharing

Facebook is Now Running a Test which Allows WhatsApp Users to Post Directly to Facebook without Linking Accounts

A new WhatsApp-Facebook direct sharing option test is underway, giving users the ability to post right to the feed without linking accounts…

WhatsApp is now experimenting with a new tool which allows its users to share Status posts right to Facebook and other services, according to The Verge

New WhatsApp-Facebook Direct Sharing Test goes Live

For those who aren’t familiar with the option, WhatsApp Status is much like the Stories format found on Instagram and Facebook.

The new feature also works in conjunction with Instagram (which Facebook likewise owns), as well as Gmail and Google Photos.

What’s most interesting about the option is that it doesn’t require linking up accounts. Instead, the technology utilizes the data-sharing API used by both Android and iOS. Even though content can be shared across apps on someone’s device, it does not connect accounts.

However, there is no automatic cross-posting option available. Users must share one piece of content at a time manually. So, there’s no way to set it up to post instantly automatically from WhatsApp to the other services.

This isn’t altogether new. Facebook has tinkered in the past with similar features, like cross-app notifications between Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

The new tool is available through the WhatsApp beta program.

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