September 24, 2022
WhatsApp group chat management

WhatsApp Now lets Users Preemptively Opt Out of Random Group Chats

Facebook subsidiary messaging platform WhatsApp just introduced new options to block random people from including others in group chats…

Some people like receiving notifications. Others aren’t too keen on receiving such alerts. Still, most probably like being invited to group chats. (Well, those who relish getting in on the latest gossip and the like.) But, it’s definitely not an experience everyone welcomes.

For those who prefer not to be lumped in with a bunch of strangers, WhatsApp is about to make significant changes.

New WhatsApp Group Chat Management Tools Roll Out

Soon, WhatsApp users can choose from three options for group chat invites. Users can set their preferences to “nobody,” “my contacts,” or “everyone.” 

Now, it won’t let people specifically set others apart or set certain contacts. However, it will most assuredly cut down on spam add-ons from random people.

Should that situation occur, the person inviting a user receives a notification to send the recipient a private message. The private message contains a link that remains active for only 72 hours.

So, if a user sets his or her preference to “nobody,” and a distant cousin tries to add him or her to a group chat, there’s just three days to respond to the private message.

WhatsApp says the new feature will go live worldwide in the next few weeks. To enable it, update to the latest version and go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

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