August 5, 2022
new WhatsApp group privacy settings

WhatsApp is Releasing New Group Privacy Settings that Spare Users from Unwanted Group Chats

New WhatsApp group privacy settings should make it easier to avoid unwelcome group chats, and have already started to roll out to users…

There’s new options for opting out of group chats in WhatsApp. Until now, anyone could add anyone else to group chats. Unsuspecting individuals could find they’ve been added without their prior consent. Now, that’s about to change.

New WhatsApp Group Privacy Settings Start Rolling Out

The new WhatsApp group privacy settings are apparently aimed at tackling the very real problem of unwanted group chats. Prior to this introduction, anyone added to unsolicited group chats has to manually leave the conversations.

The three new choices are found in the settings, which include invitation allowances. Now, WhatsApp users can choose from one of three selections: everyone, contacts, and nobody. Of course, the first allows anyone to add anyone else to group chats. While the second restricts it to just known contacts. And, the third is self-explanatory. 

Users who pick one of the latter two can no longer be added to group chats without their consent. Instead, people must send private invitations to get their permission.

The new WhatsApp group privacy settings are accessible by going to SettingsAccount > Privacy > Groups

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