November 13, 2022
WhatsApp image search

WhatsApp is Now Testing a New Image Search Feature which Aims to Reduce Fake News

A new WhatsApp image search option test will help users determine if a picture is real or fake, assisting in the fight against false content…

It appears WhatsApp is working to bring a new feature to its UI to assist people in identifying fake images. In an examination of version 2.19.73, WABetaInfo came across a new “search by image” function. 

New WhatsApp Image Search Tool Helps to Fight Fake News

When activated, the new WhatsApp image search tool uploads images to Google to reveal “similar or equal” pics on the web. With this information, users can then more accurately judge if a photo is legitimate or if it’s a fake.

The feature isn’t now available to the public at this time and there’s no official word on when it will debut. However, it would add to the app’s arsenal of weapons to combat fake news on its platform.

This issue is particularly problematic in India, where mobs have caused chaos, property damage, and personal injury. The company enacted forwarding limits to curtail the spread of misinformation. (It’s since gone global.)

With the addition of the new WhatsApp image search tool, it should help users more readily identify what’s real and what isn’t within moments.

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