September 24, 2022
New WhatsApp Read Later Function under Testing in Testflight Beta Program

WhatsApp is About to Introduce a New Read Later Feature in the Near Future

WhatsApp is working to bring a Read Later function to its mobile messaging app, allowing users to set aside conversations for future reading…

During the past few months, WhatsApp has been busy bringing some great new features to its mobile application. For example, being able to permanently mute chats, along with a relatively new multi-device support, and even an expanded shopping feature. Now, the Facebook subsidiary is changing Archived Chats to include a new Read Later function.

New WhatsApp Read Later Function under Testing in Testflight Beta Program

The new Read Later tool will change the way messages can be archived and muted. (It also works in conjunction with Vacation Mode.) One such example is that any messages marked Read Later will go into the archive and any subsequent messages will join the original in the archive, but will not set off notifications. So, it seems like WhatsApp thinks when users move a message to Read Later, they don’t want to receive notifications about follow-ups.

Right now, Read Later is only available in the iOS version of the app — WhatsApp Messenger beta for iOS However, it will probably come to Android at some point in the future, when is a matter of speculation at this time.

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