August 5, 2021
New WhatsApp Shopping Button Debuts

WhatsApp just Made it Easier to Shop Right within its Mobile App, but It’s Missing a Key Element

WhatsApp has added a new way to shop on its mobile application platform, but it strangely lacks on particularly helpful feature…

Shopping on WhatsApp is now a bit easier. The messaging platform is rolling out a new shopping button, which takes users to a business’ list of products and services. The new button, which WhatsApp will make globally available, looks much like a storefront icon. Once a retailer sets up a product catalog, anyone can tap to view what’s available for sale.

New WhatsApp Shopping Button Debuts

However, instead of taking shoppers right to checkout, they can chat with the business. (The button is situated where the voice call button was located.) The call button will also have both voice and video call support. But, there isn’t a formal checkout flow right now. Although it’s absent with this addition, WhatsApp is apparently working to include such an element in order to entice more people to buy.

It’s yet another step toward not only monetizing the platform, but also to better connect consumers with businesses of all kinds. It also presents a more convenient option that allows people to make purchases without having to visit physical locations. Watch a video of the new WhatsApp shopping option in-action below:

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