July 28, 2021
New WhatsApp Shopping Feature Allows Shoppers to Buy Multiple Items at Once

WhatsApp is Making it Easier to Shop on its Platform with this New Cart Tool

WhatsApp shopping is getting a simple but serious upgrade with a neat new feature that allows consumers to purchase more than one item…

WhatsApp already lets users shop on its platform. But, the Facebook subsidiary’s e-commerce support is limited, to say the least. For instance, it’s currently possible to find a product and message the business selling it. Then, purchase and receive said product. However, it can’t handle more than one item at at time. That is, until now. WhatsApp is about to introduce a new shopping cart feature, giving people the ability to order multiple items in a single message/transaction.

New WhatsApp Shopping Feature Allows Shoppers to Buy Multiple Items at Once

Previously, to buy ore than one thing required a lengthy back-and-forth between consumer and retailer. Meaning, if someone wanted to purchase more than one item, he or she had to engage in more than one conversation with the seller. But WhatsApp is now rolling out the power to purchase two or more products at once. The new capabilities come as over 175 million consumers used the shopping service every day, as of late October.

The new WhatsApp multiple product purchase support is already going live, working in conjunction with the company’s existing catalogs tool. What a short explainer video below to see the new option in-action:

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