May 26, 2022
whatsapp silent mode vacation mode

WhatsApp is Now Helping Users Better Manage those Constant, Interruptive Notifications

WhatsApp silent mode and vacation mode will help users better manage their group notifications, for a much needed, on-demand break…

Groups are a big part of WhatsApp. But, when those notifications start popping up, they can easily become an annoyance. Making it all the more frustrating is there is little way to stop them from interrupting.

New WhatsApp Silent and Vacation Modes Rolling Out on Android, iOS

Now, WhatsApp is giving its users some reprieve with two new features. The first, called WhatsApp Silent mode, hides notification badges for muted chats and groups. Better still, it comes enabled by default, so there’s no need to hunt around for a way to turn it on. WhatsApp Silent mode is already going live on Android and it’s expected to come to iOS.

The other tool, called WhatsApp Vacation mode, keeps muted archived chats hidden from view. It even works when new messages arrive.  Prior to this option, muted archived chats would surface into the conversation when people sent new messages.

Another tool which might come to the app is a swipe-to-reply gesture. The company is also reportedly working on a dark mode.

WhatsApp also entered into a new agreement with Google. And, it means all users’ data, including chat sessions, pics, and videos will soon disappear for Android backups. Here’s how to back up WhatsApp chat, photos, and videos from Android to Google Drive.

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