October 27, 2021
WhatsApp visual tools

New WhatsApp Visual Filters, Albums, and Reply Shortcuts Added

New WhatsApp visual tools roll out to iOS users, which include filters, albums, and reply shortcuts for the popular mobile native app……

The camera is a powerful tool in the world of social media and mobile native apps. Now, WhatsApp is making it even more powerful by adding new visual tools, which include filters, albums, as well as reply shortcuts. The new features are available to iOS users but currently are not scheduled to come to Android, the company told TechCrunch.

New WhatsApp Visual Filters, Albums, and Reply Shortcuts ComeĀ to iOS

With the additions, users can now add one of five filters to their photos, videos, and GIFs within WhatsApp. After shooting or uploading, users have the option to swipe and choose from black and white, chrome, pop, cool, and film filters.

WhatsApp visual tools screenshots
Credit: WhatsApp / TechCrunch

The new albums feature will automatically group four or more pictures or videos with a tile layout. Then, recipients can open those albums with the full-media screen. The other new feature is reply shortcuts. With these, users can reply to specific threads within messages by swiping on them. Once swiped, the app pops it to the bottom of the chat window, where a response can also be entered.

In March, WhatsApp introduced Google Gboard GIF support in beta. Back in February, WhatsApp beganĀ to develop a business app.

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