September 16, 2022
New Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Ad Suggests Users Switch Away from Rival Firefox

Microsoft Now Advertises its Edge Browser in Windows 10, Trying to Convince Users to Switch Away from Firefox

Microsoft now displays a quite conspicuous ad inside Windows 10 that suggests users switch over to its Edge browser away from Firefox…

Software maker Microsoft recently released its new Chromium-powered Edge browser. By many accounts, it’s a huge improvement over its predecessor. Packed with some nifty new features, it offers a solid alternative to it’s rival web portals. But, in true fashion of the company’s long history of self-promotion, it’s being pushed inside the Windows 10 operating system.

New Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Ad Suggests Users Switch Away from Rival Firefox

Microsoft has always found a way to bundle more and more services into its products. The practice became so blatant, that in the 1990s, the US Justice Department opened an anti-competition, monopoly probe.

The the company agreed to make substantial changes and for the first time, positioned lobbyists right in Washington DC. While it’s never returned to that excessive strategy, the corporation still tries to convince its users to adopt its proprietary products and services, seemingly wherever it can.

The latest example comes inside the main Windows 10 menu, where an ad suggests that Firefox users switch over to Microsoft Edge. Although this is something Windows users are certainly accustomed to encountering, it’s none-the-less annoying.

Fortunately, these ads can be turned off. Simply go over to Settings > Personalization > Start and toggle the button that reads “Show suggestions occasionally in Start;” once disabled, the ads will disappear.

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