October 20, 2021
new Windows 10 Microsoft Office app

Microsoft Introduces a New and Free Desktop Office App for Windows 10 as an Alternative to Office 365

A new Windows 10 Microsoft Office app centers around free versions of the familiar productivity programs, and also includes useful tips and tricks…

Software giant Microsoft just released a new Office app for Windows 10. It is rolling out as a replacement (or alternative) to “My Office” and is designed to bring a whole new level of usability. 

New Windows 10 Microsoft Office App Debuts for Desktop

Basically, the new Windows 10 Microsoft Office app for desktop places users’ attention on free versions of Office. And, these work, even for people who aren’t subscribed to Office 365. Meaning, it comes free of charge and the program comes pre-installed inside Windows 10.

The new desktop Windows 10 Microsoft Office app serves as a launch pad for accessing recent documents, pulling up Office desktop apps, and locating free web versions of the suite.

Microsoft might be doing this to promote Office.com, a site few people know about. It’s also not well-known there are free version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook out there for use.

Additionally, the new Windows 10 Microsoft Office desktop app features tutorials, tips, and tricks. These are especially helpful for users unfamiliar with the ecosystem.

It’s now available for download from the Microsoft Store and will roll out to existing Windows 10 users in the next few weeks.

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