September 15, 2022
New Windows 10 Update Causing Crashes, Blue Screen, and More Issues

The Latest Windows 10 Update is Crashing Machines, Causing the Blue Screen of Death, and Can’t Always be Uninstalled

Windows 10 is now receiving the KB5001330 update and with its arrival, some consumers are experiencing a slew of serious performance problems…

The newest update of Windows 10 released by the Microsoft corporation comes with an unwanted set of circumstances. The recent “KB5001330” update is causing all sorts of issues, including displaying error messages, crashing computers, triggering the blue screen of death, and more. Worse still, some reports state that the update itself can’t be installed (or removed) on some machines.

New Windows 10 Update Causing Crashes, Blue Screen, and More Issues

The most recent Windows 10 update is also causing problems with video games. These include such issues as graphical stuttering, substantial frame rate drops, and even totally crashing play. Some people have take to Reddit and other social media to report uninstalling the update restored their systems and returned games back to their normal, playable state.

Meanwhile, there are additionally some instances where old bugs reappear. For example, the re-emergence of the Temporary User bug that first surfaced in 2020, causing saved user files and settings to vanish and forcing users to log into a guest profile. Plus, at least one person claims a complete inability to log into their computer, receiving an error reading, “the User Profile Service service failed the sign in. User profile can not be loaded.”

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